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An awkwardly written summary of what I want you to think I'm all about.

Hello friends. I'm Marcel, 35 years old and living in Berlin, Germany. I've been designing interfaces since I've been 14 years old and my fascination with building things somehow hasn't faded yet. On the contrary, it's growing! That's why I'm currently focussing on finally teaching myself programming.

You can find my opinions on books I've read on and my toots at

Here, in case you wanted to see my real face. It's less expressive than the one in the upper left corner but I'm doing my best with what I got.

Marcel Wichmann

What I've been reading

All 174 books

I love books. I love them so much that I had to stop buying them in physical form because I was running out of space. That's why I build a little digital library of everything I've read recently. These are the six most recent ones. Visit to see the rest.

Children of MemoryDelta-VHow to Be PerfectThe Golden EnclavesThe Last GraduateA Deadly Education

About this site

This portfolio is built using TypeScript, Next.js, React, Three.JS, TailwindCSS and is hosted on Vercel. All of these terms would have meant nothing to me a year ago, so please bear with me, this is my new form of name-dropping.

Marcel Wichmann

Hey there!

I'm an interface designer with more than 15 years of experience in creating delightful and user-friendly apps and websites.